My name is Roushini and I'm thrilled that you have dropped by.
In fact, you have just uncovered a fantastic children's self-care and self-regulation incursion presentations and resources that is ideal for teachers, educators and parents alike.
"Tribal Kids Club=Self-Care For Kids" live presentation focus is on the emotional, mental and physical well-being of children aged 3 to 12 years. Through the interactive session, children learn about positive behaviours and healthy habits. They will enrich emotional strength, resilience and most importantly, understand about self and of others. Big concepts for little minds, however the interactive live presentation is full of fun, colour, drama play and movement, therefore the lesson is quickly learnt and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Learning at its best – Fun, Empowering, Enriching and Fully Inclusive.

Along with the live presentations, you'll find here: 

Children's  Books

  • The Magical Rainbow Inside You 
  •  My Mummy Ticklets My Rainbook

Live Streaming - Coming  Soon

  • 5 Fun-filled Days For Kids-Download Free Daily Poster
  • Pamper-Henna-Mimosa Event: Bringing Women Together
  • Warrior Babes: Women Inspiring Women

I am based in Brisbane and travel around Queensland and interstate.