About Roushini

Namaste - Hello

My name is Roushini and I’m a proud Indian/Australian. I have spent over four, fun filled decades, working with children as an educator, presenter, and storyteller.

As a mother of two beautiful girls and grandma myself, I love watching how young minds are endlessly briming with curiosity and that they are so willing to take on new ideas and immediately apply it to the world around them.
It’s magical and so I find myself truly passionate in my pursuit to create and deliver high quality learning experiences for children  15 months to 12 years in fun, colourful, and interactive ways.

Over the years, I’ve also found time to write and publish two wonderful books, both
of which are based on the learnings from my own culture:
The Magical Rainbow Inside You and My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow.

Both books are early intervention resources and explore the important messages of health, well-being and self-nurturing care that are essential to the development of every child.  These books have proved to be a fabulous reference for both, home and the school.

It is from The Magical Rainbow Inside You story that my successful interactive, education presentation, The Tribal Kids Club = Self-Care For Kids was developed.
This presentation, is now adopted by many primary schools, outside school hours care, kindergarten and day care centres. Through drama play, Bollywood dance and hands on activities, children belong and work together to learn about the
importance of self-care. It’s learning at its best – fun, empowering, enriching and fully inclusive.

From My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow story, I have created Super Hero Bear Shares Magic. Drama-play presentation for children to learn how to express all types of emotions. Now a very popular presentation for Teddy Bears Picnic and events to acknowledge mums.

While the live presentation will continue, it’s my hope to create online learning experiences which will be accessed with greater easeby all including remote, national and international teachers, educators and parents.

I believe every child is a wonder. Every lesson I present, I like to infuse the session with a touch of joy, fun and laughter.

For further information about me and Indian cultural incursions for children and Professional development for teachers, educators and parents, please visit