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The Magical Rainbow Inside You is an educational and inspirational story created for children to learn how to self-care and self-regulate.This cultural story teaches children what the seven individual colours mean to them? How to stop and acknowledge what their body's wants and needs are? How to utilise the knowledge gained on a daily basis? 
To further demonstrate how to incorporate this  educational resource as  part of children's health and well-being program, the author; Roushini, has created a Tribal Kids Club live presentation for children 3 to 12 year old. The tailor-made drama Play presentation is jam-packed with positive messages during which children learn how to BELONG and to work TOGETHER to learn about SELF-CARE and SELF-REGULATION.

Learning  Outcomes: 

  • Introduction to Self-care and Self-regulation 
  • Enriched mental and emotional wellness: Positive & feel good  messages
  • Enhanced cognitive development: imagination, concentration, questioning,  problem solving. 
  • Diversity: cultural learning and experience. 
  • Quality social  skills:To belong and to work together
  • Enjoyment of physical activities: Play & Ability based.

Age & stage approriate: 3-12 Yrs.

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