My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow

My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow shares a child's and mothers on-going loving, caring and nurturing bond. A fantastic introduction for children to understand that it is ok to  tell a grown up about their feelings and emotions especially when they are not feeling well.  In this book, mummy is the superhero who will find special ways to keep her child happy, healthy and safe. The colourful illustration makes a wonderful first reader, group time,  sleep time or any time you like story. 

To further demonstrate how to incorporate this  educational resource as  part of children's health and well-being program, the author; Roushini, has created Super Hero Bear Says...All Emotions are Good  live presentation for children.

Age/Stage Appropriateness: 15 Months to 6 years.

Product details

Format: A4 Portrait
Print Length: 36 pages
Publisher: Self Published
Sold by:
Language: English  

ISBN: 978-0-6482948-1-8  

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