Tribal Kids Tribal Parents Podcast

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and emotionally challenging “roller-coaster“ ride I have ever experienced. I am a sole parent of two adult daughters and a grandma of a beautiful boy and soon to arrive a grand-daughter. 

Born and brought up in a village with three generations of Indian families living
together and supporting each other is what I grew up with. However, I moved to
Australia, married an Aussie and had two kids without any family or others support.
I was divorced when my daughters were under seven therefore I raised my girls
on my own. I understand the importance of connecting, supporting, sharing and
uplifting all parents. It takes a village afterall.

In 2020 I released a long held dream the Tribal kids Tribal Parents podcast.
Where apart from sharing my professional knowledge about parenting and parenthood, I share alot of my own personal  journey and experiences as a parent.
No matter who you are, where you come from, what you do you'll relate to some or all of the episodes.

Each episode is created in a bit-sized, fun-filled manner. My goal is to make all parents feel empowered, valued and appreciated. Your feedback is welcome.

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